Q: What is the minimum guests I can have at my event?

A: Our minimum number of guests is 50. There is no maximum.

Q: How soon do I need to notify TJ's Candy Buffets to book my event?

A: Preferably, 2-3 weeks before the event to give us time to order your candy. But we have been able to pull off a Themed Candy Buffet in four days!

Q: How much do I need to give as a deposit to save my date?

A: A $200 retainer fee is expected at the time of signing the Agreement/Contract. The $200 will be deducted from the final invoice.

Q: What if I have a theme and it's not on the list of offered themes?

A: There is a $150 designer fee to create your special theme in mind.

Q: Can I rent the themed buffet without buying candy?


Q: Do I need an attendant to man the candy buffet table?






Q: Can I see MY candy buffet before my event?





Q: What do I need to do once I have decided I want

TJ's Candy Buffets at my event?




Q: How far will TJ's Candy Buffets travel?


Q: How long can I rent TJ's Candy Buffets for my event?



Q: What other charges might there be that are not mentioned but could apply?

A: Yes, we will rent out tables, skirting, themed-props and containers all for $300.00. (Does not include candy or bags) 6 hour rental limit

A: If you have a buffet of 150 guests or more I strongly encourage it. Why ask your guests to work at your event? We only charge $75 for an attendant and they will assist your guests in a professional manner as well as keep your table stocked and clean.


A: As I begin to design your themed candy buffet I will send you shots via email. You can ask for changes if needed. You may want to email me a picture of your guest(s) of honor so we can display them on the Buffet next to an invitation to enjoy the Candy buffet in their honor, thanking each guest for coming.


A: Simply call or email Tammy@tjscandybuffets.com (224)345-8396 and ask to set up a meeting to sign the contract, go over the design, submit your selections of candies, and hand in your $200 retainer fee to book your date. Tammy will meet with you at a Panera or Starbucks between your location and Elgin.

TJ's will travel a 50 mile radius of Elgin, IL. After 50 miles we charge .50 per mile.


A: Normal rent time is 4-6 hours. After midnight there is an $100 upcharge.


A: If your event is held downtown Chicago, there will be an addition charge of $50 for parking and other