About TJ's Candy Buffets

Meet the Owner

Tammy has always been known as "The Candy Queen”. Her sweet tooth and sweet disposition merged to create one joyful lady who loves kids, grown-ups, and parties! She would set up candy buffets for family birthday parties, bridal showers, anniversaries, weddings and special events to create sparkly, warm, and lasting memories. After years of bringing that " special something" to the parties of family and friends, Tammy’s family encouraged her to transform her natural talents into a business-- "There is nothing like our candy buffets. They make every event so much more fun and memorable! Like no one else's."




Meet TJ

Deciding to name her business TJ'S CANDY BUFFETS" was easy. Tammy has one grandson, Tyler Josiah. She named her buffets after TJ, her very best customer. For decades, Tammy sets up a Christmas buffet that stays up an entire month. When TJ visits grandma anytime in December, his eyes get very big, his smile even bigger, and his memories overflow with laughter and deep joy! What a great gift for grandma and grandson!

TJ's Candy Buffets is like walking into a candy store-- Only the candy store comes to you!

TJ's brings back happy memories from your childhood, including many of the very candies you loved as a kid.  Each guest receives colorful feasts for the eye, sweet aromas, a great variety of flavors and textures for the palate, and a cascade of old fashioned simpler-times, good feelings.

Any party that starts with TJ's Candy Buffets has a jump-start on happiness, and a sweet finish, too!

TJ’s Candy Buffets was incorporated June 21, 2013. Fully insured.  We are looking forward to partnering with you to bring fun into your next event! click on the Contact us button today! We never run out of candy but we do run out of dates.